CENTEXS, ITEES kerjasama lahir tenaga kerja

PERSEFAHAMAN… Syeed Mohd Hussien dan Bruce Poh selepas menandatangani MoU bagi kerjasama dalam bidang teknologi di Kuching, hari ini.
KUCHING: Centre of Technical Excellence Sarawak (CENTEXS) and ITE Education Services, Singapore inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on today (Feb 21). The MoU is aimed at developing and implementing specific projects to support Sarawak’s workforce, including developing technology programme and curriculum, setting up infrastructure and facilities, implementing a quality assurance framework, training technology programme leaders and trainers, and assessing and certifying technology programme graduates. According to the press release, ITEES, a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education (ITE), was founded in 2003 to share ITE’s Skills Education and Training (SET) knowledge with the world and help organisations develop and strengthen their SET competence in a fast-changing global market. “ITEES has become a global partner in technical and vocational education and training consulting and training (TVET). Our partners include government departments, education institutions, international organisations, SMEs, and individuals from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. “ITEES has strengthened TVET trainers from the Philippines, Cambodia, China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Lao PDR, and Vietnam; established the need for Info-Communications Technology Training for Mozambique; and established Skills Training Centres in Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines,” it said. Furthermore, CENTEXS will support the Sarawak 2030 vision with government support and strategic partners and businesses through this MOU signing ceremony. It said that trust was given by the state government and Sarawak Foundation in strengthening the industry and digital academy training that is beneficial to the industries, public, and local communities in Sarawak. “The goal is to train young people with skills that would develop Sarawak.” Present at the ceremony were ITEES chief executive officer Bruce Poh, senior executive (ASEAN, Central Asia, and East Asia) of ITE Education Services Alicia Lee, and CENTEXS chief executive officer Syeed Mohd Hussien Wan Abdul Rahman and senior management of CENTEXS. (Souce: The New Sarawak Tribune)
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