Application & Admission

The minimum entry requirement depends on the training programmes. You can join our training programmes as long as you can read, write, and do basic calculations (3M) and are 18 years and above. You can seek advice from our marketing team on which training programmes suit your qualifications and interests.

The entrance or registration fee is FREE OF CHARGE for Sarawakian or Malaysian residing in Sarawak.

Our application is open throughout the year. You may apply through our website or visit any of our branches. You may also contact our marketing team via Whatsapp at 0138087608.

Academic Administration

Academic Services Unit plays important roles in providing support and resources to trainees, academy and staff enhance the overall academic experience. Our services include academic administration, employability services and International Office.

We value your feedback! You can provide your feedback through email at acas@centex-sarawak.my, or by visiting our office at the CENTEXS Kuching campus. Your input helps us enhance our services and better cater to the needs of our academic community.

You may refer to our website to view the programs offered throughout the years.

Employability Services

Team Employability Excellence offers a range of Free Career Services and collaboration with PERKESO under Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia to provide a wide range of job placement exercises to ensure job opportunities for CENTEXS graduates and alumni.

Absolutely! We regularly organize employability activities such as industry sharing sessions, OJT briefing, resume writing and interview preparation workshop to develop trainees’ employability skills.

Yes, but it depends on the course enrolled. We are actively collaborating with industry partners to provide internship/OJT opportunities for our trainees.

Yes, we extend our support and resources to alumni beyond graduation. Alumni can access career services, academic resources, and continue to participate in relevant workshops and events.

Digital And Green Energy Academy

Yes, you can take any other programme as long as you have completed your programme, passed and your result have been endorsed by the Academic Development Committee in CENTEXS. The intake date is based on the CENTEXS Academic Calendar.

Our programmes are internationally industry certified programmes. We have graduates who are not only working with Huawei but with many other companies as well. Huawei is providing standard training content that is applicable to any other vendors (especially for hardware installation, configuration and commissioning).

Yes. We are helping our graduates to get jobs as the programmes that we offer are relevant to the industry needs. Our main role is to produce the competent workforce for the industries out there. We are helping our graduates to have the skill set required by the industries and this will increase their capability to join the potential industries and compete with any other candidates.

CENTEXS foresees that by providing more diversified training programmes, and also sharing the latest ICT knowledge, by having complete equipment and facilities, it will enable us to provide unrivalled training programmes in this region.

Legal & Risk Management

The legal department is responsible for providing legal advice to CENTEXS on a variety of issues, including contracts, employment law, and intellectual property. For Risk Management unit, we are responsible to facilitate the organisation on identifying, analysing, and mitigating risks at CENTEXS.

The Legal & Risk Management can be contacted by email at legal@centex-sarawak.my or through the CENTEXS’ website.