General Entry Requirements
  • Free from drug abuse & covid-19
  • Flexible entry requirements (based on the programme applied, please refer to the CENTEXS Training Programme Entry Requirements)
  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Malaysian residing in Sarawak
List of Training Programmes
How to Apply to CENTEXS?
  1. Click the New Student button on the top right of the website.
  2. Fill up the required information, then click the check box if you agree with the terms and conditions.
  3. Once you have signed up, there will be an email sent to the email that you used to sign up.
  4. You will receive an email stating your email address and password that you created when you sign up.
  5. Use the email and password to sign in for you to proceed with the application.
  6. Once you already sign in, choose whether you are a Malaysian residing in Sarawak or Malaysian (non-sarawakian) and international to proceed with the application.
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