Working at Height Operator Level 1.1

2023 NEW INTAKE |  CENTEXS Kuching

Successful participants will be able to work safely at heights in the workplace with minimal supervision by identifying the requirements of the job, accessing and installing the required equipment, and cleaning up the work area. They will also be able to conduct a risk assessment of the job.

Entry Requirement
  • UPSR and able to read and write, and
  • Comfortable to work at height (with no acrophobia/fear of height)
  • Must be physically fit and free from any mental illness, hearing and visual impairment or any other physical disabilities.
Course Structure
  • Legislative Requirements
  • Hazard Identification and Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Working at Height
  • Industrial Rope Access System
  • Basic First Aid & CPR
  • Equipment Familiarization
  • Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) and Personnel Fall Protective equipment (PFPE) Ropes and Knots.
Training Duration
Training Duration
2 months
Career Pathway
Career Pathway

Fire and rescue
commercial window cleaner
building operation and Maintenance
construction workers
Wild honey collector
Wall climbing Instructors

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