Student Visa/Pass Application

Once the documents and application have been received, these documents will be forwarded to the Sarawak Immigration department for the issuance of a Visa Approval Letter. This takes about four to six weeks. CENTEXS will email your Visa Approval Letter when it is approved.

What should I do NEXT?
  1. Contact the Malaysian Embassy/Consular Office (as indicated on the letter) to enquire on any additional documents required for Single Entry Visa Application.
  2. Proceed to the Malaysian Embassy/Consular Office (as indicated on the letter) with the following documents to be issued with the Single Entry Visa (SEV) into Malaysia:
    • Original Passport
    • Visa Approval letter
  3. Once you have obtained the Single Entry Visa (SEV), you must travel to Kuching, Malaysia during the visa validity period and before it expires.
  4. Present a copy of each document to the Immigration Officer at KLIA for Immigration clearance.
  5. Please keep a copy of each document for your own future references

Important Note:

Please do not make any travelling arrangements until you have obtained your Single Entry Visa (SEV).

When you present your Single Entry Visa (SEV) to the Immigration Malaysia upon arrival, a temporary “Special Pass” will be stamped on your passport, one at KLIA and another one at Kuching International Airport. There is a validity duration stated on the Special Pass. This is where you will need to submit to CENTEXS for our further action.

Entry Guidelines

Please email CENTEXS International office at study_abroad@centex-sarawak.my once you have obtained your Single Entry Visa (SEV) and before making travelling arrangement.

Upon Arrival to Campus

Please hand over your passport to the International Office urgently to prompt for further action. The likelihood of you performing another medical check-up upon arrival will be within the discretion of the Malaysian Immigration Department (Kuching). This will be at no cost to you.

Your passport and medical report will then be submitted to Sarawak Immigration Department where your Single Entry Visa (SEV) will be converted to a Student Pass and Multiple Entry Visa. This takes about three to four weeks.

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