Smart Building Automation – KNX System (Basic)

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Buildin Automation Training – KNX International Certification program is designed for students in particular majoring from Electrical and any related courses such as Electronics or Mechatronics course to upgrade their skills especially in programming and automatio that relates in home & buidling control for Building Automation System (BAS). This programme takes the trainees through a complete look at BAS components, processes, and use scenarios.

Entry Requirement
  • SPM
Course Structure
  • M01- Electrical Safety & Regulation
  • M02- Electrical Wiring in Residential Building
  • M03- Introduction To Building Automation
  • M04- Types of Bus System
    a. LONWorks
    b. C-Bus
    c. KNX System
  • M05- KNX International Home & Building Control
    a. History
    b. Benefits
    c. System overview
    d. Topology Telegram
  • M06- KNX Hardware (Bus devices)
    a. Types of Sensors
    i. Symbol
    ii. Function
    b. Types of Actuators
    i. Symbol
    ii. Application
    c. Types of System Device
    i. Symbol
    ii. Application
    iii. Function
  • M07- KNX TP Wiring
    a. TP Bus Cable
    b. TP Installation
  • M08- KNX ETS5 Software
    a. Project Design, Commissioning
    b. Diagnostics & Trouble Shooting
  • M09- Project and Activities
  • M10- KNX International Exam (Theory & Practical)
Training Duration
Training Duration
3 months
Career Pathway
Career Pathway

KNX Buidling Automation Technician
KNX Buidling Automation Supervisor

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