Chargeman L2 (O/H)

2023 NEW INTAKE |  CENTEXS Kuching

This programme is designed specifically to support the needs of electrical industry in Sarawak, and it trains experienced electrical industry worker to be an electrical competent person. Additionally, It aims to increase the capabilities of contractors under the pool of skilled workers relating to the electrical industry. This programme covers the knowledge and skill required for constructing, operating and maintaining the Low Voltage Overhead Line.

Entry Requirement
  • A Malaysian Citizen;
  • Not less than 20 years of age;
  • Not less than three (3) years working experience (in an environment where electrical equipment is in operation and has had experience of controlling live equipment)
Course Structure
  • OSHA 1994
  • Factories & Machinery Act 1967
  • Workplace Hazards
  • Safety Rules for Work on High Voltage Equipment
  • SESCo’s Electrical Safety Rules
  • Safety procedure when working
  • SESCo’s Overhead Line Design Construction Manual
  • Types of low voltage (LV) cable
  • LV poles, construction of stay wire and lines
  • Span length and poles location, street lighting
  • Earthing
  • Practical
    i. Making LT stay;
    ii. Putting up and lowering down the ladder;
    iii. Lines maintenance work; Lines maintenance work;
    iv. Earthing and short circuiting of lines;
    v. Pole Top Rescue.
Training Duration
Training Duration
4 days
Career Pathway
Career Pathway

Electrical Installation
Contractor Building Technician

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