Introduction to 5G

2024 NEW INTAKE |  CENTEXS Kuching

This course introduces 5G development and evolution trends including new technologies integrated into 5G, such as IoT, Big Data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

Training Duration
Training Duration
3 Days
Delivery Method
Delivery Method
Physical Class
Course Fee
Course Fee

This course aims to produce individual that have a good command of the basic knowledge of mobile communications networks, 5G development progress, ecosystem, service and application.

Entry Requirement
  • Minimum age : 18 years old
  • Able to understand basic English

CENTEXS Certification


Key Players


Program Content
5G Development and Evolution
  • Development of Mobile Communication
  • Global 5G Commercial Use
5G+ New Technologies
Use Cases of 5G With New Technologies
Convergence Innovative Applications
ICT Convergence Drives The Digital Economy
5G Industry Applications and Solutions Overview
5G Industry Applications
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